Launch of the N.C. Opioid Action Plan 2.0

Since the NC Opioid Action Plan was launched in June 2017, significant progress has been made on many of the strategies listed.  At the halfway mark of the plan’s inception, we are building on the strategic plan built through the Opioid and Prescription Drug Abuse Advisory Committee (OPDAAC) to reflect on lessons learned and show how the epidemic has shifted and changed over the past two years.

At the upcoming Opioid Misuse and Overdose Prevention Summit, we will launch NC Opioid Action Plan 2.0. The updated plan was created in with the input of numerous partners and stakeholders to be impactful and implementable and will be distributed publicly for feedback before the summit. This version will include a menu of local strategies that counties, local coalitions and stakeholders can implement. Some examples of local strategies include; improve naloxone access, advance supportive housing, work with local employers to implement supportive policies, promote public awareness and stigma reduction, and other actions to reduce the impact of the opioid epidemic in North Carolina.