Tuesday, June 27th

Registration & Breakfast

 9:00 am — 10:00 am

The Progression of Pharmaceuticals to Synthetic Drugs – The Evolution of a Predictable Drug Abuse Threat

10:50 am — 11:30 pm

Keynote: Joseph Rannazzisi

This presentation guides the participant through three decades of prescription drug abuse, the relationship between prescription opioids and heroin, and the appearance of synthetic drugs in the illicit marketplace as a replacement for traditional drugs of abuse.

Stories of Recovery: Families Matter

11:30 am — 12:00 pm

Moderator: Patty McCarthy Metcalf

Panelists: Donald McDonald, Mike & Becky Cannon, and Chase Holleman

Breakout Sessions I

1:15 pm — 2:30 pm


Session A: The Coalition of Model Opioid Practices in Health Systems
Jai Kumar, MPH
Hugh Tilson, JD, MPH
Julia Wacker, MSW, MSPH

Session B: Naloxone Saves: Naloxone Distribution and Reversals in North Carolina
Mary Beth Cox, MPH
Loftin Wilson

Session C: Law Enforcement’s Assisted Diversion’s (LEAD) Potential for Overdose Prevention; Project HOPE (Nash County, NC); TASC Initiative
Melissia Larson, NCHRC
Chief Bashore, Nash County
Dale Willetts, TASC

Session D: Preventing Opioid Misuse and Overdose Death Through Legislation and Policy
Therese Castillo, NCHRC
Steve Mange, Attorney General’s Office

Session E: Intersection of Prevention and Recovery
Patty McCarthy Metcalf (Moderator)
Jessica Dicken
Chris Campau

Session F: What’s Working in NC: PFS Site Successes
Chelsea Bullins, MPA (Moderator)
Bryan Austin
Tammy Brunelle
Sarah Dergins
DeShay Oliver
Ayeshan Parker
Aja Pass

Networking Break

2:30 pm — 3:00 pm

Breakout Sessions II

3:00 pm —4:15 pm


Session A: Alternatives for Pain Relief + Telemedicine in Rural NC (ECHO)
Sherri Green

Session B: Meaningful Engagement in Overdose Prevention in Corrections
Kay Sanford, MSPH
Joe Prater, MPA

Session C: Empowering Youth as Partners in Policy Change and Advocacy
Dana Mitchell, MPA, CPS (Moderator)
Haley Demers
Grace Roy
Zac Demers

Session D: Post Overdose Response: Engaging and Supporting Survivors
Michael Page, NCHRC
Jessie Garner, NCHRC
PS Jarryd P. Rauhoff, Fayetteville PD

Session E: Increasing Access to MAT
Blake Fagan, MD, MAHEC
Kenny House, LCAS, CCS

Session F: Western NC (WNC) Substance Use (SU) Alliance: Strategies to Address Substance Use (Prevention Through Treatment) Across 23 Countries
Craig M. Martin

Networking Break

4:15 pm — 4:30 pm
Wednesday, June 28th

Registration & Breakfast

8:30 am — 9:00 am

Transition (LEAD)

9:30 am — 10:00 am

Donnie Varnell

Thriving In Recovery (Stories of Recovery II)

10:00 am — 10:30 am

Donald McDonald (Moderator)
Chris Budnick
Karen Kranbuehl
Kurtis Taylor
Jesse Bennett

Networking Break

10:30 am — 11:00 am

Breakout Sessions III

11:00 am — 12:15 pm


Session A: Media Campaigns: Effective Engagement for Everyone
Craig PoVey, MSW (Moderator)
Sarah Potter
Melinda Pankratz

Session B: Beyond Syringe Exchange Legalization: Building Comprehensive Harm Reduction in NC
Lillie Armstrong, MPH
Christie Caputo, MPH
Colin Miller, BS

Session C: An Introduction to CALM (Counseling on Access to Lethal Means: Gatekeeper Training)
John Paul Jameson, Ph.D.
Kurt Michael, Ph.D.
Susan Robinson

Session D: Working with Prescribers on Reducing Overprescribing (Part 1)
Sarah McEwen, MD, Governors Institute on Substance Abuse
Ashwin Patkar, MD, Duke
Bryant Murphy, MD, MBA, NC Medical Board

Session E: Introduction to Community Reslience Model: Addressing Stress, Trauma, and Addiction
Ann DuPre Rogers, LCAS
Katie Goetz, LPC, LCAS

Session F: Preventing Prescription Abuse in the Workplace
Laurie Cluff, Ph.D., RTI

Networking Lunch

 12:15 pm — 1:30 pm

Breakout Sessions IV

1:30 pm — 2:45 pm


Session A: Community Benefit & State Prevention System: An Opportunity for Collaboration in Substance Misuse Prevention
Craig PoVey, MSW
Prevention Administrator Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Session B: The “War on Drugs” and the Criminal Justice Reform
Lorenzo Jones

Session C: Tracking and Measuring the Epidemic: Using Data as a Prevention Tool
Scott Proescholdbell (Moderator)
Anna Dulaney (Carolina Poison Center)
Dr. Zack Moore (Communicable Disease Epi.)
Melinda Pankratz (DMH PFS Grantees Tracking)
Tony Fernandez (EMS)
Dr. Lana Deyneka (NC DETECT)
Alex Asbun (CSRS)
Dr. Ruth Winecker (OCME)
Tammy Norwood (VDRS)

Session D: Injection Drug Use Risk Beyond Overdose (HIV/HCV)
Jacquelin Clymore, MS (Division of Public Health, Communicable Disease Branch)

Session E: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP): Intersection of Suicide and Opioid Use
Kenneth R. Conner, Psy.D., MPH
Jane Miller, MPH, NC, DPH (Injury & Violence Prevention)

Session F: Evaluating CSAP’s National Efforts to Prevent Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse: Lessons Learned
Phillip Graham, DrPH, MPH, RTI

Networking Break

2:45 pm — 3:00 pm