Maggie is the Deputy Director of Administration for Community Correction at NCDPS. She graduated from North Carolina State University, and worked for the Department of Public Safety since November 1996. She began career at Central Prison as a case manager working with inmates. She also worked in the Diagnostic Center at Polk Youth Institution prior to her transfer to Community Corrections. Maggie became a PPO in December 1998, and has worked as a High School Partnership PPO and as a Sex Offender PPO. She was promoted to CPPO in 2004, and then Judicial District Manager in 2008, overseeing operations for Wake County Community Correction.

In 2014, she was named Assistant Judicial Division II Administrator where she managed operations for 21 counties in the central portion of NC. In August 2018, named Deputy Director of Administration for Community Correction. She is a Firearms Instructor and a graduate of the Correctional Leadership Development Program.