Robert “Sam” Melville

  • Raised a military brat until age 18.
  • Father USMC Officer
  • Mother School Teacher
  • Lived all over The United States: NC,SC,VA,TX,CA, AZ,HI
  • Lived in Egypt and Israel: Summer 1975
  • Raised in Military Culture during Vietnam Era
  • Alcohol part of same. That’s where it all began First beer at age five
  • Family dysfunction from at an early age
  • PTSD affected father due to two tours in Nam- 1965 and 1967
  • Alcohol used to cope with said PTSD Family dysfunction continues and increases
  • Brother killed in alcohol related crash in 1979 Father commits suicide in 1981
  • Off to the races

Functioning addict:

  • Attend NCSU; Graduate from UNCW- BA English 1986; Attend Campbell University School of Law-1986-1989; Graduate: Juris Doctor and pass Bar: 1989
  • All the while: amphetamines, marijuana, alcohol, hallucinogens
  • Practice law 20 years: Raleigh, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Whiteville
  • Regular use of cocaine; Wholesale use of opiates; Wholesale use of alcohol
  • Professional practice and two side ventures collapse; Lost it all Federal indictment; 420 days prison: Edgefield SC
  • RDAP Program while incarcerated (9 month substance abuse program)
  • Teaching the program before graduating from same

RE: Peer History

I was released from a Walter B. Jones rehab (4th and last rehab) and was accordingly set up with an aftercare appointment at a local (Allied Behaviorial) MH and SA provider. I entered SAIOP Treatment. I believe it was a ninety hour program wherein I attended M/W/F for three hours per session. Completed the program. Requested of Allied Behaviorial that I be allowed to continue attending sessions and such was approved. I think I went through the entire program three or four times. While this was going on, the Allied was bought by Coastal SE United Care. Coastal SE United Care was looking for a Peer Support Specialist, and I was recommended for the position by staff clinicians. Successfully completed Peer Support Specialist Training. Same was funded by the then existing MCO in my area (prior to Trillium).     

Successfully completed WRAP training and WRAP Facilitator Training . Same were also funded by the then existing MCO in my area (prior to Trillium).  Successfully completed ACTT Training. Began work at Coastal SE United Care as Peer Support Specialist, working out of their Pembroke, NC office. Client base varied between 80 to 100. I was responsible for seeing/knowing each and every patient. Worked in Bladen, Scotland, and Robeson Counties. Facilitator and teacher: Group Therapy; Perfect evaluations from NCDHHS TMACT